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We work across all continents powering numerous car sharing and car rental businesses. Our partners' success is the biggest approval seal for our products.

AWTO is one of the most innovative and fast growing carsharing companies in the Latin America. It was born as an initiative of the Kaufmann Group to contribute to the society and the environment, decreasing the levels of traffic congestion and environmental pollution. Mobiag provides full end-to-end solution to power AWTO's business.

AWTO has taken Mobiag App and End-User Portal source code and tailored them to their marketing strategy. The company has also incorporated one-way rental operation into their App, launching an innovative service that better serves the people of Chile. Mobiag provides AWTO with the tools to have the efficiency and costs of a SaaS, while benefiting from configurable back-end and UI source code with the advantages of a customized solution.


Carrot is the biggest carsharing operation in Mexico. They have launched several virtual operators, each with their own branded App, all based on the same system and vehicles. Mobiag successfully migrated Carrot operations from their previous provider and thus provides only the back-end service to the company. Carrot has connected their own Apps to mobiCS using Mobiag API. This allowed them to ensure  continuity of business while switching to a different provider.

Carrot continues to use their own hardware which has allowed them to reduce the investment while changing providers. Carrot is working in a partnership with government-owned Ecobici bike-share, to encourage people to use shared transportation instead of using private automobiles. Carrot is a part of an environmental solution that takes cars off the road and creates more space for pedestrians and cyclists. Carrot is expanding their business and operations incorporating vehicles from private individuals (P2P) and providing vehicles to Uber drivers.


Focused on long distance trips within the city of Lisbon, to the airport, the main business centres and neighbouring cities, Hertz Portugal has launched 24/7 City, a new carsharing service based on electric vehicles. Mobiag provides full end-to-end solution with OBD-based hardware to facilitate the installation process, reduce installation costs and mitigate problems with warranty.

Hertz is using the standard App and Portal to interface with their customers. Mobiag API powers the integration of Hertz apps with third party services like the MaaS solution from the Cascais Municipality, mobiCascais. Along with maintaining focus on their traditional business, this new project allows Hertz to expand their business to new areas most relevant to their clients and engage new customers through a fully online experience.

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