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A full set of user interfaces - customizable and owned by you.
Our interfaces offer world-class user experience and all the features that you need for your business. If you prefer to integrate your current solution or build on top of ours, we provide full API access.
Mobile App Mockups

Manage user registration through your app

Move to completely paperless registration creating comfort for your clients, while you manage the client documentation easily and efficiently. 

Manage vehicle reservations 

Through your mobile app you can offer vehicle reservation to your customers. Additionally, as a member of Mobiag Network, you can make your cars available to any client in the network, as long as your vehicles are near them.

Manage vehicle access and damage assessment

After the reservation, your client can unlock the vehicle using your app. One of the most important features of the app is also damage assessment.

A user has an opportunity to assess any damage to the vehicle, see previously reported damages and report any new damages just by taking a photo and uploading it in your app. You get an instant report and can evaluate the damage in real-time.

Vehicle return to parking

You can configure your system to require return of vehicles to specific parking zones. When your client doesn’t park in the exact zone, the mobile app will warn them.

After finishing the trip, your client can lock your vehicle through app.

Manage all payments through your app

Your clients can attach their credit card or debit card to pay automatically at the end of every trip or during reservation.

Process is comfortable for the user and efficient for your billing.

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