Mobiag Network
Mobiag is bringing roaming to the car sharing industry.

All Mobiag customers are part of a large network. We aggregate fleets all over the world and make them available to users through their account with their local provider.  So you get access to customers that might be traveling to your location where their local provider doesn't operate. The user will automatically see your vehicles without downloading a new app and will be able to book your service. So you acquire new customers without any effort!


Mobility roaming allows you to provide mobility service to your customers even when they are at a location where you don't operate or where your vehicles are currently unavailable. Users can use whatever car is most convenient, whether they are in their home city, visiting a city nearby or traveling abroad. This ensures that a user consumes all mobility services through your app and doesn't have to download new apps.

Being part of the Mobiag Network makes your fleet available to every user of the Mobiag network, whether they are already your customer or not. This increases your potential customer base to all customers of the Mobiag Network, whether they are on a business trip to the location where you operate or in the same city where the fleet of their provider is currently unavailable to them.

How does shared mobility roaming work for an end user?
Imagine a traveler on a business trip.
They get off a plane and instantly find a car close to them…
… without downloading a new app, or worrying who the provider is.
Just as they expect the cell phone to be roaming, they will now have an instant access to a car.
This car can be part of your fleet and the business traveler is now your new customer without any marketing effort.
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