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Car sharing & Car rental

Powerful platform. Tailored to your business.

Car sharing & rental Apps

Customizable user interfaces

Mobiag provides you with customizable iOS and Android apps with your branding. Along with sleek user experience, the apps include features like customer registration, car booking, unlocking, damage assessment of the vehicle, communication, payment and much more. Mobile apps enable you to go truly paperless, manage your users and fleet more effectively and in real time!

Alternatively, you can enhance our source code or use our customer API to create your own layouts and business rules that will turn your Apps into an important differentiator.


Lock & Unlock

Damage assessment


Manage your entire business
with mobiCS

A powerful backend software that fulfills your needs!

your fleet

Manage your

Manage your
billing and invoicing

Communicate with
your customers
using in-built CRM

Integrate multiple
payment systems.

Control your fleet with our on-board systems

State of the art hardware to manage your fleet in real-time

Our on-board systems give you full control over individual cars and your whole fleet. Get real-time data on location, fuel level and security of your vehicles. We offer a multitude of hardware systems with additional functions that further strengthen your control over your fleet and enrich your business with more data.

Mobiag software systems are hardware agnostic, so if you already own hardware or have specific needs, we will help you find the best solution for your operation.

Mobiag car sharing hardware

Ensure success of your business
with Mobiag Consulting

Our team supports you at every step

Mobiag has a long experience of having run its own carsharing operations which gives our team a unique insight into opportunities and challenges that our clients face. From the day one we work to ensure that our highly customizable solutions are tailored to your business model and operational needs.

As part of our services we try to understand your goals and build the project around your plans. Together with you we define your success.

Some companies require more than a standard implementation of a project. Their business models need a tailored solution, along with local support to help them ensure a successful and seamless process of going live. Along with the support in implementing the project, we can provide specific trainings, local support, operational readiness support and other specialised services that are based on our long, hands-on experience.

Our support team is always ready to assist you with any issues with software, hardware or apps.

Meet some of our happy customers

“We have chosen Mobiag because we want to build a close relationship with our provider and keep growing with them.”

Jimena Pardo


“We have chosen Mobiag solution due to its flexibility, unique interface with integrated damage report and all the corporate account management features. Mobiag has been more than a supplier, it has become a partner. ”

António Silva

General Manager

Want to know more?
We will tell you how Mobiag can assist your business

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