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Car sharing & Shared mobility

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Excellence through Experience

At the frontier of shared mobility

Mobiag is a shared mobility technology pioneer powering free-floating, round-trip and station-based car-sharing, car rental, and scooter-sharing businesses around the globe. Our tools – the latest hardware for numerous vehicle models, customizable mobile apps for iOS and Android, and open SAAS with dynamic third party integrations – are robust and flexible, empowering businesses to implement their innovative business and operational models.

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Manage entire business with
best-in-class Software

Everything from customer and fleet management to billing
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your fleet

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Manage your

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Manage your
billing and invoicing

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your customers

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Integrate multiple
payment systems.

Car sharing & shared mobility Apps

Intuitive and customizable user interfaces

Delight your users with intuitive and customizable iOS and Android mobile apps. We provide white-label mobile apps with your branding. Along with sleek user experience, the apps include features like customer registration, car booking, unlocking, damage assessment of the vehicle, communication, payment and much more. The user interfaces are customized to your business and operational models – whether it’s carsharing app or scooter-sharing app, your users will get the best UX. 

We pride ourselves in openness of our platform, and mobile apps are no exception. You can enhance our source code or use our customer API to create your own layouts and business rules that will turn your Apps into an important differentiator.

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Advanced Hardware

Latest hardware for any vehicle
Mobiag provides the latest and most effective shared mobility hardware solutions enabling you to have full control of your fleet and receive the latest data about your vehicles. We have partnered with numerous global leaders in hardware development to ensure your business has all the functionalities current technologies can engineer. Our specialist will assist you in determining which shared mobility hardware might be the best solution for your business.
Mobiag software systems are hardware agnostic, so if you already have car-sharing hardware or scooter-sharing hardware, you can continue to use it with our software solutions.

Why Mobiag

A reliable partner with global footprint

Expertise, Customized

Mobiag team has a long experience of running its own carsharing company, giving our team a unique insight into opportunities and challenges our clients face. Along with analyzing needs and opportunities of our customers, we constantly conduct research in shared mobility market to accompany our customers in building a more sustainable and profitable future for shared mobility.

Operational Excellence

From the day one we work to ensure that our highly customizable shared mobility solutions are tailored to your business model and operational needs. We try to understand your goals and build the project around your plans. Some companies require more than a standard implementation of a project. Their business models need a tailored solution, along with local support to help them ensure a successful and seamless process of going live. Our team is here to support you at every step – from understanding your needs to scaling your growth.

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Want to hear more?
Shared mobility solutions are complex and multifaceted. We will be happy to navigate with you through your business model and find the fight solution for you.

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