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About Mobiag

We believe in the future of shared mobility

Our mission is to create intelligent solutions for urban mobility and empower mobility businesses with latest technology.


About Mobiag

Clever mobility for a sustainable future

When we founded Mobiag, we set out to create unique tools for mobility businesses – be it car sharing or car rental operations – to manage their operations more efficiently and to enable them to shape the future of transportation.

We want to empower businesses to innovate and implement new ways of mobility that benefit everyone and create sustainable solutions. That’s why we created a ready solution that is flexible and sophisticated enough to fuel any mobility business. Our goal is to make the operation tasks as seamless, easy and automatic, as possible, so that businesses can concentrate on delivering the best service and delighting their customers. We work with all our customers individually and ensure that their business is provided with the latest technology and knowledge of the mobility industry.

We believe in the power of network – alongside with providing the latest technology to our customers, we give them access to the shared mobility network, through which they gain access to a wider range of customers. We work with numerous mobility experts, companies and consultancies to accumulate latest information, data and knowledge about the mobility industry. We are set out to freely share this research with our customers, so they can be at the frontline of the latest trends in the industry.

We are based in Lisbon, Portugal and actively work with dozens of mobility providers with different operational modes across all continents. We are always excited to welcome new businesses to our platform, share our expertise with them and assist them in providing the best service on the market.

Management Team

Our team has more than a decade of experience in various mobility companies, consultancies and leading software companies giving Mobiag unique opportunity to innovate in the mobility space.

Head of Product Design
and Customer Success
Jorge Coutinho
Jorge Coutinho
Head of operations
Our Team
Avto Koridze
Maria José Figueroa
Mariana Vago
Mariana Vagos
João Filipe
Carlos Sousa
Luis Azevedo
Marianna Vivo
Miguel Valadas
Diogo Passarinho
Pedro Sousa
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