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Latest Shared Mobility News

Mobiag blog is dedicated to the latest shared mobility industry news, covering car sharing, scooter-sharing car rental, self-driving cars, and all topics urban mobility.


Bird Scooter-sharing

A guide to electric scooter laws

Unagi Scooters has published a comprehensive guide to electric scooter laws in the US and around the globe. To no…

Zipcar Carsharing Vehicle On A Street

Pittsburgh experiments with a multi-modal transportation hubs

The city of Pittsburgh has announced a winning plan to tackle its transportation challenges. A self-organized mobility group, Pittsburgh Micromobility…

Scooter Sharing Comparison With Carsharing

A policy recommendation for cities on shared e-scooters

German city and transportation associations – Association of German cities (DST), the Association of German Cities and Municipalities (SDtGB) and…

Ubers New App Home Screen

Uber’s plan for everyday life operating system

Uber has presented a new vision of how it plans to tackle growing competition across various services. The home screen…

Car2go And Lufthansa Carsharing Service

Evolution of mobility services

We have no shortage of shared mobility services, almost every day a new carsharing, ride-hailing and scooter-sharing services are launched…

Fair Car Subscription App Screens

Ford exits vehicle subscription business

Ford has decided to sell Canvas, a subscription platform it acquired in 2016, to Fair, a startup providing a car…

Ola White Taxis In A Row

India’s changing car market

The rising popularity of car-sharing and ride-sharing has had its impact on India’s car market, and 17% of all cars…

Google Maps Screenshot For Multiimodal Transportation

Google Maps to present a multimodal itinerary 

The new iteration of Google Maps will include a combined itinerary of all transportation modes, door-to-door. In a blog post,…

Uber Safety Campaign Banner

Uber’s fake safe ride fees

Uber imposed $1-per-ride extra fee, called “Safe Ride Fee” in 2014, however, as an excerpt from the new book Super…

Renault Twizy With Open Doors

What is minimobility?

We are all familiar with the hottest trend in the mobility industry for the last two years – micromobility. Micromobility…

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