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Adding car sharing to your car rental business
Adding Car Sharing To Your Car Rental Business

Adding car sharing to your car rental business

Businesses, whether they are in the mobility industry or tourism, are constantly looking for new sources of revenue. If you own a car fleet, you can increase its utilization rate and create an additional revenue source for your business by adding car-sharing service. The operational and business changes required will be mitigated by the software, as most advanced business software enables you to manage car sharing and car rental models, and the mix between the two, under one hood. In our latest article we discuss how businesses, especially in tourism industry can easily add car sharing service to their fleet.

In this article, we will look at tourism industry as one example where car sharing can be easily added and can generate additional revenues for more traditional tourism agencies, as well as, for mid-size and boutique hotels. Bigger hotel chains have partnerships with bigger car rental companies, sharing profits from sales. However, most small to mid-size hotels own a fleet of vehicles that they rent to their visitors. The utilization rate of such fleet might be significantly affected by seasonality and other factors according to location. When it’s high season, the revenue stream from the car fleet might be steady, but off-season cars remain mostly grounded. Adding car sharing option will help you acquire more customers during the season and put those cars to work when the number of visitors might not be so high.

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