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Hertz launches car subscription service
Hertz Launches Car Subscription Service

Hertz launches car subscription service

Hertz will be launching a car subscription service in two US states –Texas and Georgia. Hertz My Car service will come in two tiers – $999 per month package with sedans, small SUVs and trucks and $1399 per month option with luxury sedans and larger trucks. Subscribers will be able to swap their vehicles twice a month and both packages include full vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance, damage to the vehicle and limited liability protection. There is an additional enrollment fee of $250.

The move follows the launch of a similar service by Enterprise couple weeks ago. Enterprise package includes longer mile per month range of 3000 miles (compared to Hertz’s 2000 miles), but also is more expensive – priced at $1499 per month. Automakers – Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Volvo and Cadillac all have varying pilot programs for car sharing and car subscription services.

Uber offers helicopter service

Uber Copter Service

Three years ago Uber announced that it was launching an aerial ride-sharing division Uber Elevate. The company also partnered with several aerial vehicle startups. While the “flying cars” are still not available, the company has launched Uber Copter service in New York. The new service will take passengers from Lower Manhattan to Kennedy International Airport. The trip takes around 8 minutes, compared to at least an hour drive on a car.

The service will be available to Uber’s Platinum and Diamond members and will cost between $200 and $225 per person. The price also includes ground transportation to and from the helicopter. Other companies, like Blade Urban Air Mobility also offer such short helicopter flights.

Apple to acquire self-driving AI startup

Apple Self-driving car

Apple is planning to buy an American autonomous vehicle AI startup, according to a report by Bloomberg. The transaction is targeted at acquiring talent currently working at the company, rather than getting its intellectual property. No confirmation of this report should be expected, as Apple hardly ever comments on its acquisition plans.

iPhone-maker’s plans with self-driving cars are still hazy. Last year, the company expanded its vehicle fleet for pilot testing and teamed with Volkswagen to use their vehicles. In January of this year, Apple fired or reassigned 200 employees from the project to other tasks.

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