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Telecoms fight to get a piece of connected cars market
Telecoms Fight To Get A Piece Of Connected Cars Market

Telecoms fight to get a piece of connected cars market

As connection becomes an essential part of a vehicle, automakers are rushing to develop 5G connections. However, telecom companies do not want to be relegated to mere pipe providers and actively engage in telematics and vehicle logistics development, writes Bloomberg.

While vehicle subscriptions currently earn only $1–2 per month, it is one of the fastest growing areas, and missing out on it poses an existential crisis to telecom companies. Along with just subscription, data generated by connected cars is posed to be a battleground between automakers and telecoms.

More: Bloomberg

Uber launches Uber Rent

Uber rent

Uber has partnered with peer-to-peer car-sharing service Getaround to offer rental cars in the San Francisco area. The new service is called Uber Rent and it allows Uber users to rent vehicles from individual owners, rather than companies. For Getaround, who already has its own app, this is a great opportunity to increase utilization of vehicle on its platform, while for Uber it is a great way to test waters in car-sharing market.

car2go white paper on EV car-sharing

car2go vehicles

car2go has published a new white paper about the impact of car-sharing on the adoption of electric mobility. The company argues that car-sharing of electric vehicles is a win-win for every player involved. It allows for a faster adoption of electric vehicles, not just as part of the service, but in wider public. This enables development of the charging infrastructure, a chicken-and-egg problem where there are not enough charging stations because there are not enough EVs and not enough EVs because of lack on infrastructure. And most importantly, EV-sharing brings sustainable urban mobility seamlessly.

You can get the full white paper here.

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