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Meet some of our happy customers

We work across all continents powering numerous car sharing and car rental businesses. Our partners’ success is the biggest approval seal for our products. Mobiag started and ran for several years a very successful car sharing business and this experience helps us lead our customers to success. Along with providing state of art hardware, software and apps, we pride ourselves in consultations that we provide to our customers along the whole journey – from choosing the hardware and installing it in the fleet,  software implementation and training to ongoing consultations on how to manage the operations.

iDrive logo

Saudi Arabia, 700 vehicles

iDrive is the biggest car sharing service in Saudi Arabia. Along with individual customers, the company works actively with various government agencies and infrastructure projects. Fast urbanization and latest mobility technology from Mobiag have enabled the company to achieve tremendous growth in just the first year, 2018, of its founding. You can read more about iDrive and Mobiag cooperation in our case study.

hertz logo


Focused on long distance trips within the city of Lisbon, to the airport, the main business centres and neighbouring cities, Hertz Portugal has launched 24/7 City, a new carsharing service based on electric vehicles. Mobiag provides full end-to-end solution with OBD-based hardware to facilitate the installation process, reduce installation costs and mitigate problems with warranty.

Hertz is using the standard App and Portal to interface with their customers. Mobiag API powers the integration of Hertz apps with third party services like the MaaS solution from the Cascais Municipality, mobiCascais. Along with maintaining focus on their traditional business, this new project allows Hertz to expand their business to new areas most relevant to their clients and engage new customers through a fully online experience.



MyKeego is one of the fastest growing car sharing startups in South America. It was the first car sharing company in Argentina and since its foundation has managed to grow exponentially. The company started with a fleet of 35 cars in Buenos Aires, a city with an urban population of 2.8 million and with more than 15 million living in the metro area. Now it wants to double the size of its fleet.

MyKeego utilizes Mobiag’s Software-as-a-Service to successfully predict demand for its vehicles at various locations and to effectively and efficiently manage its fleet in Buenos Aires.  You can read more about the success of MyKeego in our case study.



Electrip operates a fully electrical vehicle car sharing service in Turkey. It is one of the first of its kind in the country and has been experiencing an astounding customer satisfaction.

Electrip has managed to make access to electric cars as simple as to gas-powered vehicles in Turkey. Using backend software, the company is able to properly predict demand for its vehicles and offer multi-layered pricing plan to its customers.

Celering Logo


Celering is a multi-modal carsharing service operating in Madrid, Spain. The company offers not only shared sedans but also operates a fleet of shared vans, offering ride-sharing service. Spain has a long history of sharing modes of transportation and Celering has been able to revamp this tradition with modern technology.

Celering and Mobiag work together to use technology in optimizing car fleet allocation in the city, prompt response to demand surge and route planning for shuttles.

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