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A full set of user interfaces - customizable and owned by you.
Our white label shared mobility apps for iOS and Android offer world-class user experience and all the features that you need to manage your vehicles, customers, trips and payments. A user can go from registration to car booking, unlocking, taking the trip and making the payment just through your mobile app. The apps are customized according to your shared mobility operational mode and vehicle type, whether it’s carsharing or scooter-sharing, offering functions specific to each mode. Our apps are equipped with in-built communication and marketing tools. Mobiag also provides full API access, if you prefer to integrate your current solution or build on top of ours.

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Mobiag car sharing solutions
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Manage user registration through your app

With shared mobility apps powered by Mobiag you will be able to move to a completely paperless registration. The registration process is fully customizable according to your terms of use and can include restrictions defined by the shared mobility business. The registration process generally includes features like document uploading and verification through 3rd party services, gathering of payment information and acquiring contact information, various legal consents.
All submitted information is dynamically gathered in your SaaS. Additional information or documents can be requested from a user using in-app communication function.
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Manage vehicle reservations

One of the most important features of any shared-mobility app is reservation. You can define rules of reservation – such as time required before reservation, cancelation policy, etc. – through backend software, the rules are automatically applied in the apps. According to the operational mode 0f the shared mobility business ( scooter-sharing or station-based carsharing, immediate or advanced booking), the reservation rules can be defined for the whole fleet or individual vehicles. Your user just finds closest vehicle displayed on the map, clicks Book and the vehicle is reserved.
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Manage vehicle access and damage assessment

Vehicle access, lock and unlock functions are managed using the mobile app. Additional rules on accessing vehicles, like Pin codes, can be introduced. One of the most important features of the app is vehicle damage assessment. A user has an opportunity to assess any damage to the vehicle, see previously reported damages on the vehicle map and report any new damages just by taking a photo and uploading it in your app. You get an instant report and can evaluate the damage in real-time. This increases the ability of the shared mobility company to assign liability for possible vehicle damages and maintain the fleet in a healthy condition.
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Vehicle return to parking

Along with free-float operations, iOS and Android apps allow you to run two-way car rental operation. You can configure your system to require return of vehicles to specific parking zones. When your client doesn’t park in the exact zone, the mobile app will warn them and the trip will be count as ongoing until proper parking. You can also offer additional fines and pick-up fees for improperly parked vehicled.

After finishing the trip, your client can lock your vehicle through app.

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Manage all payments through your app

Your clients can attach their credit card or debit card to pay automatically at the end of every trip or during reservation. Mobiag integrates numerous popular invoicing and billing platforms, so you can use your prefered system.
Process is comfortable for the user and efficient for your billing.

Our apps are constantly evolving and offer a very wide-range of features beyond a few mentioned here. Want more details about the app features and its customization?

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