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mobiCS - SAAS built for your business

A powerful software built for car sharing & car rental businesses

Manage your whole car sharing or car rental operation online, including fleet management, customer management, communications and marketing campaigns. mobiCS enables you to oversee and manage all business operations from one access point effectively and efficiently. It has been designed based on experiences from many mobility business experts to make sure you have all the features needed for your car sharing and car rental business to run smoothly.

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Car sharing software, Mobiag screenshot
car sharing software for fleet management

Fleet Management


Be in control of your fleet!

Add & remove vehicles from your fleet; retrieve information from vehicle on-board system about physical health and status of the car, check reservations on a specific car.
Manage car maintenance operations and history.
Oversee car damages and incident reports using real-time data.
Geo-fence special zones for your fleet.

Customer Management


Manage all your customers in one integrated SAAS system.

Manage your customer acquisition, registration and document verification.
Manage billing and invoicing for individual customers
Manage individual and group customer profiles and their attributes.
Mobiag car sharing software screenshot

Reservation Management


Efficiently manage the vehicle reservations.

Define reservation rules like buffers, time increments, payment defaults or rule exceptions.
Automate reservations made through your app, getting all relevant information like reservation location, timeframe, vehicle information and estimated cost.
Track the status of reservations in real-time, monitor the start & end times, direction and distance of the trip.
Mobiag car sharing software screenshot



Manage billing and invoicing from mobiCS

Manage all billing and invoicing operations effortlessly.
Assign automatic billing and invoicing rules.
Manage customer credit and support corporate split billing for business customers.
Integrate numerous payment methods and platforms supported by mobiCS.

Marketing & Demand Management

Run promotion campaigns and delight your users.
Reward your users for their loyalty with bonuses for a free or discounted ride.
Utilize highly flexible promotion engine to encourage usage at certain times and locations, or to target and re-target a specific group of users.
Utilize our proprietary algorithms to manage your supply more efficiently.
Use various communication channels to run your marketing campaigns.
Utilize our dynamic pricing engine to diversify fees for your services across various customer groups and vehicles.
Mobiag car sharing application screenshot

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