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Renault Twizy With Open Doors

What is minimobility?

We are all familiar with the hottest trend in the mobility industry for the last two years – micromobility. Micromobility encompasses electric scooters and bikes, which are particularly energy-efficient. For example, kick scooters use only 18 watts per mile (compared…

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Two Car2go Carsharing Cars In The Rain

Car2go increases prices

Carsharing company car2go has introduced a new pricing model that will result in an increased price per minute. The company announced that it will be implementing a variable pricing system, which usually translates into higher prices for any service. The…

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Smart City At Night Is Illuminated With Special Lights

How to prepare for smart cities

Smart cities are the certain part of the future dripping down in our present-day and shared mobility is one of the most essential parts of any smart city project. Numerous urban authorities are aiming to improve living conditions in their…

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