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Mobiag Connect

The best hardware to put you in full control of your fleet.

The Mobiag Connect box is installed in every vehicle of your fleet and allows you to receive rich information from the vehicle and control it. We offer various models of the hardware with additional functions to enrich data from your fleet and give you even more control over it. Our on-board systems are very easy to install and allow you to be more efficient in your operations. If you are already using different hardware in your fleet, that’s not an issue – our software systems are hardware agnostic and will work with your current solution.

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A carsharing vehicle with fleet-management hardware
Main Features
Lock and unlock car icon

Lock & Unlock

You can lock and unlock your vehicles
remotely, from your mobiCS system

Vehicle immobilization icon


Control the vehicle immobilizer
remotely allowing you to ground any
car in your system at any time.

Lock and Unlock shared car with Bluetooth icon


Bluetooth connection allows you to have
access to a vehicle even when there is no
GSM connection

Start engine icon

Offline Mode

Have access to your vehicles even
when there is no GSM coverage

Fuel level icon

Battery and fuel level

Real-time data about battery and fuel level
provided to you and your customers.

Vehicle location tracking icon

Vehicle Location

Mobiag Connect box is equipped with
GPS/GPRS modem allowing you to
know where your vehicle is at all times.

Compare our On-board Systems

Connect Box Click Box
Black Box
Hidden Mouting
Log Memory
OTA Firmware Uptade
LED Car Status
GPS Tracking
Internal Battery
Car Commands
Central Lock
GPS Update
Car detection
Ignition Signal
Fuel Reading
EV’s Compatibility
Type of Installation Connected to vehicle harness Plug and Play
Degree of Difficulty Medium Easy
Installation Time Avg. 2h depending on the vehicle 15-30m depending on the vehicle
Physical Specifications
Assembly Plastic housing enclosure with support holes Plastic housing enclosure
Size in mm
(L x W x H)
93 x 55 x 23 100 x 100 x 50

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