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GM and Volvo get Amazon delivery business
GM And Volvo Get Amazon Delivery Business

GM and Volvo get Amazon delivery business


Amazon has partnered with GM and Volvo to deliver packages to car trunks in 37 US cities. E-commerce giant is exploring new methods of parcel delivery, including entering homes, with user permission, to leave packages in the hall.

The new app-based service allows delivery companies to open trunks of users and leave the package there. Alibaba Group, in partnership with Daimler, VW and Volvo, is also testing a similar service in China.

The two automakers are the main logistical partners of Amazon. GM has several million wirelessly connected vehicles, while Volvo has already been running a service called On Call, similar to the Amazon’s new service in Sweden and Switzerland since 2015.


LG gets into AV market

Lidar sensor

LG has acquired Austrian automotive lighting company ZKW for estimated $1.3 billion. ZKW is a major automotive supplier and one of the first companies to launch matrix LED and laser headlights. LG hopes to use high resolution information gathered through intelligent lighting systems in autonomous driving technology.

Self-driving cars typically use 3 different types of sensors — cameras, radar and LiDAR. Radars and LiDAR can operate without external light, however cameras used in self-driving cars do require external light source.

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