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Kamaz to start AV production in 2022
Kamaz To Start AV Production In 2022

Kamaz to start AV production in 2022

Russian truck-maker Kamaz announced that it will start a serial production of its Shuttle, a driverless vehicle, in 2022. According to the company, it is currently working on four prototypes, all equipped with the same technology. Kamaz will not debut a new prototype but will continue to experiment with the current ones. The company plans to start public trials in 2021 and full production in 2022.

Electric Kamaz-1221 Shuttle was developed in cooperation with NAMI and seats 12 passengers. A digital interface allows users to choose stopping points and operate the door system. In June 2018 the vehicle was tested on a special track in Kazan.

State AI system confuses an ad for jaywalking CEO

Cities in China have started actively using facial recognition and AI technologies for crime prevention and social credit grading program of the government. However, already some issues are quite visible, beyond ethical questions about such systems. In the city of Ningbo, a facial recognition camera mistook an ad on a bus with a famous Chinese CEO on it for the actual person crossing the street on a red light and issued a fine to the CEO. Police later apologized for the mistake and announced that it made technical updates to the system.

Beijing plans to rank all of its 1.3 billion citizens based on their behavior, captured through cameras across the country. The system will then award those who obey laws and put them on a white list, while putting individuals who break law on permanent black lists, preventing them from accessing various services, including credit.

Bicycles faster in cities than cars and motorbikes

Deliveroo bike

Data from food delivery company, Deliveroo shows that bicycles are faster in reaching their destination in cities than motorcycles and cars. The data was collected from 30,000 riders and drivers in 13 countries, where the company operates.

While data showing that bikes are faster in cities has been available before, the objectivity of those sets where under question as they often came from ‘commuter races’ organized by bicycle activists in the parts of the city and at such times, that bikes had a clear advantage. Deliveroo data, however, is spread across all times and locations in those cities.

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