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Lyft unveils a new self-driving car
Lyft Unveils A New Self-driving Car

Lyft unveils a new self-driving car

Lyft has unveiled a new self-driving car. It’s a Ford Fusion sedan with in-house autonomous driving technology. The company also announced that it will be acquiring an augmented reality startup Blue Vision.

The company first announced that it would be building in-house self-driving technology last year. Until then Lyft was content with partnering with various automakers and self-driving vehicle startups. Today the company has two offices for autonomous driving — in California and Germany, and the vehicles are already being tested on public roads.

Blue Vision, which was founded in 2016, develops collaborative AR experiences, using simple technologies like smartphone camera.

GM enters e-bike market

GM E bike

General Motors has announced that it will be selling two e-bike models starting from next year. The company will offer a folding model and a compact one with rechargeable front and rear lights. The two models don’t have names yet and bike prices, distribution and manufacturing plans are yet unknown.

Last year, GM was working with Canada’s BionX on foldable e-bike, however the partnership fell apart when BionX projected higher than expected production costs.

Uber launches subscription service

Following Lyft’s announcement of a subscription service several weeks ago, Uber has announced that it will launch its own membership scheme, called Ride Pass. The service allows users to avoid price surging. The fixed-fare plan will cost $25 a month in LA, US and $15 in four other cities — Austin, Denver, Miami and Orlando. The company hopes to expand the program to other cities in 2019. Uber estimates that users can save up to 15% a month with the new scheme. The pass in LA will also include e-bike and scooter access.

The company also announced that it will be resuming its self-driving car testing on public roads, 8 months after its termination due to a fatal accident in Arizona.

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