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Turo expands to Germany
Turo Expands To Germany

Turo expands to Germany

Peer-to-peer car-sharing platform Turo has launched in Germany. The company has received a significant investment from Daimler and took over the automaker’s Croove platform at the end of the last year. The company already operates P2P rental services in the US, the UK and Canada.

Turo claims more than 200,000 vehicles listed on its service and more than 5 million total users registered on the platform. In Germany, Turo is teaming up with Allianz to insure vehicles on its platform.

Turo says it can provide specific models of cars at lower costs compared to traditional rental companies. In some cases, the owners of vehicles can cover costs of their car lease by making the cars available on Turo platform for less than 10 days a month.


Car2go reports 30% growth in 2017

car2go in the city

Car2go has reported a 30% growth in membership in 2017. The company has most members in Chongqing, China (234,000), followed by Berlin (219,000) and Madrid (190,000). It has more than a million customers in North America.

The company says utilization rate of its vehicles has increased by 38%. Along with existing 14,000 vehicles, car2go has been adding new Smart and Mercedes-Benz models to its fleet.


BMW acquires Parkmobile


BMW has acquired Parkmobile, an app that assists drivers in finding parking spots, as well as, giving them a possibility to pay for parking and spot reservation through the app. The company is mostly active in North America. The German automaker was already an investor in the company and owned its European affiliate.

Parkmobile will become part of BMW’s Mobility Service portfolio. The acquisition will help address one of the major issues in big cities — high traffic. According to the company 30% of traffic in any city is caused by people looking for parking spots. Parkmobile processed 50 million transactions from people finding parking in North America last year, and reach over 8 million registered users.

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