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Waymo receives ride-sharing license
Waymo Receives Ride-sharing License

Waymo receives ride-sharing license


Alphabet’s self-driving vehicle company Waymo has received a license to operate a ride sharing service in Arizona. The company has already started testing its self-driving cars in the state, however, it is now clear that Waymo plans to debut a fully operational ride-hailing service with self-driving cars in Arizona. The company has already ordered thousands of Chrysler Pacifica minivans for the service.

Waymo is also trying to start testing its vehicles and eventually a ride-hailing service in other states. It recently announced that its self-driving cars will next be tested in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Uber introduces new safety features in London

Uber cab in London

Uber continues its struggle to repair its reputation after numerous damages in the recent years. In London, the company announced new features that is aimed at improving the safety of the service. The company will debut a 24/7 telephone support for both drivers and passengers.

The company also announced that it will be more proactive in reporting incidents to police, rather than letting drivers and passengers sort it out. Drivers will also be forced to take a six hour break after working 10 hours.

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Yandex shows off self-driving car video

Russian search engine giant Yandex has published a video of its self-driving car driving autonomously in snow-covered Moscow. The taxi division of the company, Yandex.Taxi first presented its self-driving vehicle last summer and has already started public tests. The company aims to achieve Level 5 autonomous driving — a vehicle without traditional controls, like steering wheel or pedals.

The video is particularly interesting as operating a self-driving vehicle in snow conditions is extremely difficult. LIDAR sensor can sometimes confuse falling snow with more solid objects.

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