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Hyundai considers car sharing business
Hyundai Considers Car Sharing Business

Hyundai considers car sharing business

Hyundai is considering own car sharing service for its electric models. So far the company has worked with ride-sharing companies, such as Uber, providing them with fleets. The South Korean automaker started a pilot car-sharing program in Amsterdam in 2017 with its fully electric Ioniqs, but ended the service in 2018 with more than 100,000 rental transactions.

However, the company seems to be taking its time with launching such a service. Company representatives say they want to address current battery bottlenecks, which affect its vehicle supply. Another South Korean automaker, Kia has also run out its electric vehicle supply for the model it just launched. It produced 900 Niros, and ran out in weeks, with next supply expected in 2020.

Amazon invests in Aurora Innovation

Amazon has invested a “significant amount” in Aurora Innovation, an autonomous driving technology startup founded by former Google and Tesla executives. The company raised $530 million.

Online retail and cloud computing giant has been silently eyeing autonomous technology industry. It was revealed last week that the company uses self-driving truck startup Embark for some of its cargo, a week before Amazon announced it was developing a small autonomous delivery robot, Scout. The company has also been trying out delivery drones and home robots, but nothing launched publically so far.

DriveNow expands its electric fleet

DriveNow has added 130 electric BMW i3s to its fleet in London. The shared mobility company already operates 50 vehicles of the same model in the city. DriveNow, now part of a joint company with car2go, plans to increase the share of electric vehicles in its fleet to 80% by 2025.

DriveNow works with the City of London and its mayor to improve traffic conditions and air quality in the city. The car sharing company expanded to 5 new boroughs in London in 2018 and currently has 720 BMW and MINI vehicles in the city.

MIT publishes a lecture on self-driving cars

MIT has published an introductory lecture on self-driving cars in which the presenter Lex Fridman talks about the main goals of autonomy: improving access to mobility, reducing pollution by increasing efficiency, and saving lives on the road. He talks about major milestones in the industry, dives into specifics of hardware of Waymo and Tesla and discusses out-of-box autonomy solutions.

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