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Self-driving car industry reacts to deadly Uber crash
Self-driving Car Industry Reacts To Deadly Uber Crash

Self-driving car industry reacts to deadly Uber crash

Self-driving car companies have been reacting to the fatal incident involving Uber’s self-driving car. A woman, crossing a road with her bike, was hit by an Uber self-driving vehicle, resulting in woman’s death. The incident is still being investigated, as the woman wasn’t crossing the road in a designated area, however self-driving car companies are calling the US government not to impose heavy regulations because of the incident. Toyota and several other companies temporarily took their AVs off the roads.

Meanwhile, New York Times reported that Uber self-driving cars have been running into problems way before the accident. According to the publication, Uber self-driving cars have trouble driving through construction zones and next to tall vehicles. Uber’s cars were struggling to go more than 13 miles between interventions by a safety driver, showing the company is behind its competition. Waymo’s CEO said its vehicles would have not crashed into the woman crossing the road.


Baidu to start testing AVs in Beijing

Baidu self driving car

Chinese government has given Baidu a permit to test its self-driving cars in Beijing. The company’s cars will be driving on 33 roads of around 100 km in the city’s less-populated parts. Earlier this month the government issued similar permits for Shanghai to SAIC Motor Corp and electric vehicle company NIO.

Baidu said before conducting the public tests, the vehicles would undergo simulation tests on closed courses. Company’s CEO got in trouble last year, when he had a call with investors while in the self-driving car, going through Beijing’s streets.

China has publically announced its aspiration to deploy 30 million autonomous vehicles within a decade.

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