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Volkswagen signs a strategic partnership with Microsoft
Volkswagen Signs A Strategic Partnership With Microsoft

Volkswagen signs a strategic partnership with Microsoft

Volkswagen and Microsoft have announced that they will enter a strategic partnership to develop the ‘Volkswagen Automotive Cloud’. The service will power all digital and mobility offerings of the German auto-maker, including car sharing and other shared mobility services, like Volkswagen We. The company hopes that the partnership will further accelerate the digitalization of its operations.

Volkswagen plans to have more than 5 million connected vehicles with the Internet of Things in the cloud by 2020. As part of the partnership, the company will establish a new automotive cloud development office near Microsoft headquarters in the US.

Ford, Uber and Lyft announce agreement to share data

Ford self-driving car

Ford, Uber and Lyft have announced that they will be joining SharedStreet project, a new data platform that aims to make it easier for private companies to work with cities and use data to improve urban mobility. All three companies will share their data on the platform. The data will give city mayors an opportunity to judge traffic jams and general mobility trends and make more informed decisions.

The three companies took several commitments: Ford will develop a universal data standard for curb demand and availability; Uber will help produce first free global data set of vehicle driving speeds; Lyft and Uber will both help produce a universal framework for sharing curbside pick-up/drop-off counts.

Tesla fires Musk from the board chairman position

Elon Musk

Elon Musk will step down from the position of chairman of the board of Tesla, as part of the deal achieved with US regulators. Securities and Exchange Commission was planning to sue Musk over his tweets claiming plans to take the firm private. SEC alleged that Musk’s actions might constitute securities fraud as he was using insider information and affecting price of shares of the company, furthermore the plans to make the company private were ‘misleading’.

Musk and Tesla will also pay $20 million fine. Musk will remain the CEO of the company and will continue to make strategic decisions, however not being the chairman of the board will considerably limit his powers.

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