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Waymo starts testing autonomous trucks
Waymo Starts Testing Autonomous Trucks

Waymo starts testing autonomous trucks


Waymo’s self-driving trucks will start delivering cargo for Google’s data centers in Atlanta, Georgia. A human driver will be present in trucks during the tests on public roads.

Testing of autonomous Class-8 tractor trailers and trucks started last year. In January the company already started testing other self-driving vehicles in Atlanta and using its autonomous vans has improved the maps for the city. Waymo’s self-driving trucks use the same sensor systems that power company’s other vehicles


Uber agrees to exiting South-East Asia market

Grab taxi

Uber has agreed, in principle, to selling its operations to its main rival in South-East Asia, Grab. In return Uber will receive 30% stake in the company. The two companies are still working on the final details of the deal and any agreement would have to be approved by regulatory bodies.

The deal has been in discussion for several months now and comes after one of the biggest investors of Uber, Softbank, owner of 30% stake in Grab, called on the American company to focus on its core markets.


BMW explores new-ride sharing option

BMW motorcycle

BMW is exploring offering of back seat rides on motorbikes and scooters in congested cities. The main challenge at this moment is availability of second helmets. Rise of bike and scooter sharing has not escaped the attention of BMW, especially on the South-East Asian markets.

As a first step, BMW will start a pilot this year allowing users to rent its motorcycles through its app. The pilot will launch in Germany, France and Austria.

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