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Apple AV suffers first crash
Apple AV Suffers First Crash

Apple AV suffers first crash


Apple’s self-driving car has had its first accident and according to the transportation authority it was caused by a human driver. The report says self-driving Lexus SUV was rear-ended by another vehicle, operated by a human. No one was injured in the incident.

Apple started working on its car program in 2014, but its current version was first put on the roads in late 2017. The company currently has several dozen vehicles on California roads, however the iPhone-maker isn’t in hurry to launch the AV program on large scale, and it is expected to launch for public in 2023.

Toyota invests $500 million in Uber

Toyota will invest $500 million in Uber to work on self-driving vehicles. The investment values Uber at $72 billion. The companies plan to work together on Toyota Sienna minivans which by 2021 will combine Japanese carmaker’s auto expertise with Uber’s autonomous technology. The minivans, however, will not be operated by Uber, as companies search for a third partner for operations.

Uber’s self-driving program hasn’t been doing so well lately. The company cut back its $750 million annual investment in the self-driving business and recently shut down its self-driving truck unit, Otto.


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