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Volkswagen’s car-sharing plans in Africa
Volkswagen’s Car-sharing Plans In Africa

Volkswagen’s car-sharing plans in Africa


Wired Magazine featured a story about German carmakers plans to launch a big scale car-sharing service in Rwanda. Volkswagen is currently building a factory in the country of 12 million. While traditionally auto makers prefer to build the factories near their markets, Rwanda has less than 200,000 private vehicles.

Volkswagen is planning to build 5,000 Polos and Passats a year, which will be used only for car-sharing service. Mobility is one of the main contributors to economic growth and along with helping the country economically, Volkswagen hopes to portray Rwanda as an interesting example of a country where most of the population will be able to skip the car-ownership stage of development and go straight to car-sharing.

Audi launches car-sharing service in the UK


Audi has launched its Audi on Demand service in the United Kingdom. Unlike other services, minimum time for Audi rental is one hour, while maximum is up to 28 days. The carsharing program launched in Manchester and will expand to 5 other cities — Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Birmingham and New Castle in the coming months.

The users have to either pick up the vehicle from the Audi center or have it delivered (only within a 30 minute drive radius of the center). The program includes A1, A3, S3, S5, Q3 and Q5 models.

Similar service from Audi is already available in Germany, US, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

Didi’s vision of future mobility

An interesting article about Didi published in Sustainable Transport sheds light on the ride-hailing giants vision of the future. The company just started going global with investments in ride-hailing companies around the world.

The article discusses, along with Uber-like products, Didi’s integration with planning and booking of public transit for last 3 years, as well as, its mini-bus service and Transportation Brain offering, being piloted in 20 Chinese cities.

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