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Starbucks partners with UberEat to deliver coffee
Starbucks Partners With UberEat To Deliver Coffee

Starbucks partners with UberEat to deliver coffee


The American coffee giant Starbucks has announced that it will start delivering drinks and snacks from 2,000 of its stores in the US (25% of all stores). Uber Eats will be making the deliveries. The announcement comes after a recent pilot called “Starbucks delivers” in Miami, as well as, trials in China, where the company partnered with Alibaba for deliveries. There the company has deliveries from 2,000 stores in more than 30 cities. In the US, Starbucks already had a delivery service partnership with Postmates, which will continue, as planned.

Food delivery has become an additional source of revenue for both industries, food and transportation. The service offers unique challenges, most importantly time and distance factors to ensure food is still warm.

Lyft presents results from its ‘Ditch Your Car Challenge’


In October Lyft launched ‘Ditch Your Car Challenge”, offering $300 credit for ride-hailing, $45 for bike-sharing and $105 for public transportation. Around 2000 people in 35 North American cities participated in the program.

One month after the program Lyft has revealed that, to no one’s surprise, ride-sharing was the most popular primary mode of transportation used by the group 75%, followed by public transit — 42% and 32% for walking.

53% of participants said they plan to use their personal vehicle less often, around 30% said they would use public transportation more and 50% said they would use ride-hailing more often. So all-in-all a successful campaign for Lyft.

CityBee raises 110m to expand its fleet with 5000 cars

Lithuania-base car sharing startup CityBee raised 110 million Euros from Modus Group. With the funding, the company plans to expand its fleet with 5000 new vehicles. Currently, CityBee operates around 1000 vehicles. The expansion will make the company one of the biggest car sharing providers in Europe.

The company said its customers took 1.2 million trips last year alone. CityBee plans to enter Latvian and Estonian markets and expand its services in Poland.

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