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VW debuts all-inclusive car subscription service
VW Debuts All-inclusive Car Subscription Service

VW debuts all-inclusive car subscription service

Volkswagen has launched an all-inclusive car subscription service in the UK. The pilot program includes three vehicles — Golf, Passat and Tiguan, for a monthly fee covering servicing, maintenance, road tax, and insurance. VW has partnered with the Drover platform for the service. Drover already has a similar service with BMW.

Customers will be able to sign up for a rolling one-month contract, with a possibility for swapping, upgrading or downgrading their vehicle. Subscription fees for the service start at £528 (€619) per month for Golf, £514 (€602) for Passat and £643 (€754) for Tiguan.

Watch a self-driving car speed through a race track

There are numerous videos of self-driving cars on empty tracks, as well as, their cruises through urban environments. However, Stanford University researchers have developed a neural network that allowed driverless cars to perform at high speed with low-friction maneuvers and they have a video to show off their achievement. The researchers trained the neural network with data from 200,000 motion samples, including test drives on slippery surfaces like snow and ice.

EU requires speed limit systems in all cars from 2022

New vehicles sold in the EU will be required to have systems that allow for limiting of their speed, according to the new safety rules of the European Union. The law doesn’t mandate exact technology to be used in these systems. Most car sharing and car rental businesses already utilize speed monitoring and even limiting. The new rules also mandate for crash data recorders and reversing cameras.

According to the European Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska 25,000 individuals are killed each year on the EU roads, with the vast majority of accidents caused by human error.

However, critics have expressed concerns that including such technology might make drivers even more complacent. The European Automotive Manufacturers Association is also concerned about the “many infrastructure-related issues”. As road signs are not standardized across Europe, and speed limits are hard to detect.

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